Why do you wait, dear brother? (Why not? Why not? – G.F. Root)

1) Why do you wait, dear brother,
Oh, why do you tarry so long?
Your Savior is waiting to give you
A place in His sanctified throng.


Why not? Why not?
Why not come to Him now?
Why not? Why not?
Why not come to Him now?

What do you hope, dear brother,
To gain by a further delay?
There’s no one to save you but Jesus,
There’s no other way but His way.


Do you not feel, dear brother,
His Spirit now striving within?
Oh, why not accept His salvation,
And throw off your burden of sin?


Why do your wait, dear brother?
The harvest is passing away,
Your Savior is longing to bless you,
There are danger and death in delay.


Liedtext und Melodie: George Frederick Root  (1820-1895)

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