The road to heav’n by Christ was made (I’m going home, Booth/Excell)

1) The road to heav’n by Christ was made,
With heav’nly truth the rails are laid;
From earth to heav’n the line extends,
To life eternal where it ends.

I’m going home, I’m going home,
I’m going home to die no more!
To die no more, to die no more,
I’m going home to die no more!

2) Repentance is the station, then,
Where passengers are taken in;
No fee for them is there to pay,
For Jesus is himself the way.


3) The Bible is the engineer—
It points the way to heaven so clear,
Thro’ tunnels dark and dreary here —
It does the way to glory steer.


4) God’s love the fire, his truth the steam
Which drives the engine and the train,
All you who would to glory ride,
Must come to Christ—in him abide.


5) Come, then, poor sinner, now is the time
At any station on the line;
If you repent and turn from sin,
The train will stop and take you in!


6) And then to glory we will go,
With all on board as white as snow,
So ring the bell and start the train
And run it thro‘ in Jesus‘ name.

Liedtext/Lyrics: Mrs. Hall Booth
Melodie/Music: Edwin Othello Excell (1851-1921)

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