He will hide me (When the Storms of Life are Raging, Servoss/McGranahan)

Words by: 1878, Mary Elizabeth Servoss (1849-1906)
Music by: James McGranahan (1840-1907)
Piano: Andrew Remillard

1) When the storms of life are raging,
Tempests wild on sea and land,
I will seek a place of refuge,
In the shadow of God’s hand.


He will hide me, He will hide me,
Where no harm can e’er betide me;
He will hide me, safely hide me,
In the shadow of His hand.

2) Tho’ He may send some affliction,
’Twill but make me long for home;
For in love and not in anger,
All His chastenings will come.


3) Enemies may strive to injure,
Satan all his arts employ;
He will turn what seems to harm me
Into everlasting joy.


4) So, while here the cross I’m bearing,
Meeting storms and billows wild,
Jesus for my soul is caring,
Naught can harm His Father’s child.


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Deutschsprachige Liedfassung:
Wenn des Lebens Stürme tosen„; Liedeintrag bei liederindex.de

Lied Nr. 78, in: Evangeliums-Lieder 1 und 2 (Gospel Hymns). Walter Rauschenbusch, Ira D. Sankey (Edit.). The Biglow & Main Company, Chicago/U.S.A., 1897. [Digitalisat mit Notensatz bei Hymnary.org]

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