The Saviour who loves me (Gray)

The Saviour who loves me and suffered the loss
Of heavenly glory to die on the cross,
The Babe of the manger, though born without stain,
This Jesus is coming, is coming again!


Jesus is coming, is coming, is coming!
Jesus is coming again!
My heart is so happy, my soul is so glad,
For Jesus is coming again!

The angels, rejoicing and singing His praise
To Bethlehem shepherds of earlier days,
Will come in the glory, attending His train,
When Jesus, my Savior, is coming again!


The saints will be with Him, O heavenly bliss!
How tearful the parting from faces we miss!
But clouds are descending, and we who remain
Are caught up to meet them with Jesus again!


O hearts that are weary, and sinful, and sad,
We carry the tidings that make us so glad;
We publish the Saviour o’er mountain and plain;
The Lord who redeemed us is coming again!


Liedtext: James M. Gray (1851-1935)
Musik: Joseph B. Trowbridge


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