Songs of thankfulness and praise (Wordsworth)

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Songs of Thankfulness and Praise · Jakob Hintze · Christopher Woodsworth
Journeysongs, Third Edition: Volume 10 ℗ 2012 OCP. All rights reserved.

1) Songs of thankfulness and praise,
Jesus, Lord, to Thee we raise,
Manifested by the star
To the sages from afar;
Branch of royal David’s stem
In Thy birth at Bethlehem;
Anthems be to Thee addressed,
God in man made manifest.

2) Manifest at Jordan’s stream,
Prophet, Priest, and King supreme;
And at Cana, wedding guest,
In Thy Godhead manifest;
Manifest in power divine,
Changing water into wine;
Anthems be to Thee addressed,
God in man made manifest.

3) Manifest in making whole
Palsied limbs and fainting soul;
Manifest in valiant fight,
Quelling all the devil’s might;
Manifest in gracious will,
Ever bringing good from ill;
Anthems be to Thee addressed,
God in man made manifest.

4) Sun and moon shall darkened be,
Stars shall fall, the heavens shall flee,
Christ will then like lightning shine,
All will see His glorious sign:
All will then the trumpet hear;
All will see the Judge appear;
Thou by all wilt be confessed,
God in man made manifest.

5) Grant us grace to see Thee, Lord,
Mirrored in Thy holy Word;
May we imitate Thee now,
And be pure, as pure art Thou;
That we like to Thee may be
At Thy great Epiphany;
And may praise Thee, ever blest,
God in man made manifest.

Words: 1862, Christopher Wordsworth (1807-1885)
Music: 1858, ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR, George Job Elvey (1816-1893)
Alternate Tune: SALZBURG, 1678, Jakob Hintze

It is the first du­ty of a hymn to teach sound doc­trine and thence to save souls.

(Christopher Wordsworth)

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